Make Golf produces clubs for everyone, but every club is unique.

There are plenty of fantastic and beautiful clubs on the market, but finding the right one for you isn't always easy. With the help of technology, data, and countless hours in the workshop - we found the formula we believe improves the game for each golfer. It's no longer only the tour professionals that can enjoy perfect customised clubs, you can too.


Make Golf is Swedish company with passion for golf, aiming to challenge the mass production, currently dominating the golf market. Golfers are not generic, we are all unique with different abilities and objectives.

We don't mass-produce adjustable clubs. Instead, we produce each club to order with complete individual customisation.

Since we manufacture to order, we have no overproduction and no inventory. We can manufacture clubs across large parts of the world, thereby minimising transportation and the impact on the environment, making the supply chain more agile, modern and sustainable.


Buying a club from Make Golf means more than just picking a club off the shelf at the nearest golf store; it means you get help understanding your swing and how to best utilise your strengths. Once we've gone through your swing together, the manufacturing of the club begins, and when it's ready, it will fit your swing perfectly.

Our goal is that you as a golfer with a Make putter or a Make iron in your hands will feel more confident than ever before standing over the ball ready to strike knowing that the club you are holding is crafted 100% based on you and how you strike the ball. Playing with a truly customized club in your hands should feel like an extension of your self and your intentions with full confidence.

You deserve the best and in the game of golf the best is unique for everyone. That’s what we are passionate about and why Make Golf exists. 

Contact Us

If you are curious and want to know more about our process, or maybe you have a design of your own you want to bring to life, or just take us on in a golf match - send us a message and we will get back to you shortly.